Sustainable Design

Weaim at designing efficient and sustainable solutions that add value for our clients while creating attractive, convenient, highly flexible and adaptable, safe and integrated communities for people to live and work in.

PERSPECTIVE has an integrated approach to sustainable design, which is based on the incorporation of experienced green building professionals with expertise in sustainable planning, urban design, architecture and engineering in the project team at the very start of each project.

We start by working with the characteristics of the site in question. This includes the gathering and analysis of data from the site investigations, landscape survey, soil and topographical investigations. We aim to achieve the optimal balance between ecological , economical and social sustainability. We will respect “genius loci”, and provide solutions that will limit the impact on the environment, be energy efficient, and we will manage resources, providingbuildings that will be both functional and flexible in time.

Registered Office

Jan Blockxstraat 1 B-2018 Antwerpen
tel (32) 3 242 94 00

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